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 Welcome to Crown Facilities Management Ltd.

We work with the owners of estates and facilities to deliver Environmental Management Services.

Here are some of the reasons why you will engage our services.

  1. Your current Landscape Management Contractor isn’t turning up regularly or when they do, they are not spending enough time on site learning your site tacky and unkempt.
  2. You have issues with trees which have the potential to be dangerous to site users and may have disease issues and you are not sure what can be done about them.
  3. You have a rural or urban estate which you are struggling to keep on top of its management and you need some help.
  4. You are concerned that during the winter the public or your employees may slip on ice or snow and sue you for injury.
  5. You have areas of unkempt woodland which you are not sure what to do about and need input to give you a financial or environment return.
  6. You have patches of invasive weeds (Japanese Knot Wood, Himalayan Balsam, Giant Hog Weed, etc.) which are causing environmental issues to your site and you have to do something about the problem.
  7. Your paths and roads are pot holed and need restoration.

Or you may have concerns you need to discuss with us.

Telephone 01743 817613

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Recently awarded projects

VW Financial Services Headquarters, Milton Keynes

Crown Facilities Management Ltd. is carrying out the Maintenance on VW Financial Services in Milton Keynes after completion of the installation for Vinci Construction.  Regular Grass Cutting, maintenance of Semi-Mature Trees and Shrubs and Wildflower maintenance is incorporated in the work carried out to ensure the best result for their Landscape Scheme. 


Regent Circus, Swindon

Maintaining the smart appearance of the Regent's Circus Shopping and Leisure area is now the responsibility of Crown Facilities Management Ltd.  A stunning range of specimen shrubs in borders give colour and vibrance which compliments the hard landscaping. Regular maintenance of the shrub beds and trees ensures this beautiful landscaping plan will stay at its best for years to come. 

 Regent Circus.jpg



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