• Private
    Sector &
    End User

    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Winter Maintenance
    • Arboricultural Services
    • Vegetation Clearance

    Private Sector - Case Studies
  • Public

    • Local Authorities &   Government Agencies
    • Ministry of Defence
    • Health & Education
    • Police, Fire & Rescue
    • Infrastructure & Utilities

    Public Sector - Case Studies
  • Estate Management

    Maintaining Estates whether Rural or Urban

    Landscape Architects - Case Studies
  • Property

    • Grounds Maintenance
    • Winter Maintenance
    • Arboricutural Services
    • Vegetation Clearance
    • Infrastructure & Utilities

    Commercial Property Developers - Case Studies
  • Construction

    • Vegetation Clearance
    • Arboricultural Services
    • Grounds Maintenance

    Construction Industry - Case Studies

Maintenance Case Studies:


Crown Facilities Management Ltd. is carrying out maintenance on a range of projects.

Universities, Schools, Retail Parks, Care Homes, Commercial Properties, Fire Stations, Hospitals and other Public Sector facilities and only some of the maintenance projects we carry  out. 

Our professionally qualified teams work to high standards to ensure the quality of the site and keep it looking at its best.  

Amongst the services carried out are:

Arboricultural work including:

  • Tree felling
  • Arboricultural surveys

Clearance work including:

  • General vegetation clearance
  • Invasive weed management
  • Selective weed clearance

General soft landscaping maintenance including:

  • Grass cutting
  • Tree and shrub maintenance
  • Wildflower maintenance
  • Bark mulch top up
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