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Grounds maintenance

Attractive external space is a core contributor to the health and wellbeing of workers and visitors. The landscape is a valuable asset requiring as much attention as the buildings within.

Crown Facilities Management Ltd. provides landscape maintenance teams at some of the UK’s most prestigious commercial centres. Our on-site uniformed teams deliver a complete service including grass cutting, bedding, tree management, litter control, hard surface clearance and winter gritting. All services are delivered under our stringent safety, health and environmental policies, using innovative energy efficient processes and equipment.

Working in busy and high profile environments requires exceptional levels of care and coordination, allied to rigorous health and safety. We work closely with our clients to provide a green lung in an urban setting and bring the country to the city. To ensure open spaces can be appreciated by all we also incorporate sensory planting in many areas.

Our teams work on all aspects of the external office landscape to ensure that it appears clean, cared for, and professional by pruning and maintaining plants, sweeping paving, and ensuring the safety of your visitors through regular tree surgery and site checks.  Our work extends to all seasons, from the delicate management of flower beds to the gritting and salting involved in snow clearance works.

We deliver effective, flexible, integrated service packages which are tailored to the specific goals of you and your customers, clients and residents.  Contact us on 01743 817613 to find out more

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